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24 Hour Emergency Services

If you are in need of emergency for any electrical services please call 905-454-1363.
We have licensed electrician and they fully insured vehicles for your home or business.
If you require we are fully equipped with mobile generator if power is needed.

All of our work that REC Electrical Construction does is unconditionally guaranteed and completed to Canadian Saftey Standards with care and diligence. We only produce work of the highest professional electrical standard. We offer 24 Hour / 7 Day a week Emergency Service.


Eco-Friendly Solutions

The non-renewable resources are scarce. It is thought that the current resources under the North Sea will last about another 20 years and the world resources will last for about 70 years. In a dire situation like this, the best resort is to adopt the renewable sources of energy. Eco friendly lighting which is a part of Energy Smart Industry's Green Lease Management Program (GLMP) is the best solution for upgrading your facilities and at same time saving the depleting resources. Energy Smart Industry provides LED retrofitting with zero out of pocket expenditure. Led lights offers maximum efficiency, saves energy, minimizes electricity bills and most importantly, these are Eco-friendly lighting.

Why are LED lights considered better than incandescent and CFL lamps?
Incandescent lamps and CFLs are potentially slow poison for your family, for you and for the environment. They contain hazardous substances like mercury and lead that are dangerous to your health and to the planet. Energy Smart Industry a leading provider of LED retrofitting in America, provides Eco-friendly lighting solutions i.e. LED Light retrofitting. The incandescent lamps and CFLs are being fast replaced with Eco-friendly LED lights because LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights do not contain any of these. LED lights also save far more energy, giving you a huge saving on your energy bills. Not only does this mean cost-saving for you, but it means conserving fast-depleting natural resources.


Pot Light Installation

Careful consideration needs to be made on the part of home owners when considering the right contractor to complete a pot light (also called recessed lighting) installation. Not only will pot light installation add value to the home, but also make the room feel larger and more inviting. Therefore, it is crucial to pick a professional to complete your pot light installation project.

How it works
Pot light installations are a relatively straight forward process. First, a certified electrical technician will come to inspect your home to make sure that it is eligible for pot light installation; this is because there are various variables that affect pot light installations such as the structure and age of the house, access to outlets, whether or not the ceiling is insulated, as well as the types of fixtures and finishes you want to complete your pot light installation project. After this consultation, your pot light installation can begin. Using only the highest quality tools and ESA certified electricians, REC will transform your room to a more functional and highly inviting space; it’s amazing how a few pot lights will make such a difference! Depending on the work to be done, most pot light installations are fully completed within a few hours and with REC ‘No Mess’ guarantee, everyone can see the benefits of your pot light installation project instantly.


Generac Generators

Whether it's a standby power system for a large data centre, a backup generator powering the family home through an outage, portable generators powering tools at the job site, or the cleaning power of a pressure washer, Genera meets the power needs of consumers and businesses alike. Across the country and around the world Generac generators can power virtually any task at home or on the road, and keep the lights on during a power outage.

For free estimates and sizing of stand by or mobile generators please call 905-454-1363


Pool/Hot Tub Services

Here at REC Electrical Construction we will provide you with the utmost service and guanantee that your electrical services for you pools are done properly and correctly. With many years of experience, and already trusted in thousands of local homes with pools and hot tubs, you can be sure of a level of service which can’t be beat.

We install but are not limited to:
• Heater Equipment
• Hot Tub Filters
• Pool Lighting
• Sub or Pony Panels to accommodated pool equipment
• Ozonators to reduce chemicals


Home Automation

What Can Home Automation Do For You?
• You come home turn your alarm system off... the light in the hallway and family room goes on, the TV turns on to CNN with the volume set to 65%.
• Your child comes home, turns the alarm system off, a notice is sent to your pager (wherever you are) to let you know that she's at home and simultaneously a picture of your daughter walking in through the front door is sent to your email.
• Someone approaches the front door and rings the bell. You can see her from any TV screen in the house. A short clip on your VCR is recorded automatically.
• While you watch a movie, your door bell rings. A Picture-In-Picture (PIP) on your TV set automatically pops up showing the front door view. From your seat, you release the front door lock to let your guest in.
• You flopped down in bed for a short rest after a hard day at the office, then woke to find that it's already night. You are pleased to discover that your Automated Home thoughtfully closed all the window drapes while you slept.
• A disabled person arrives home, presses the remote key from his car, switching off the alarm and turning on the lights in the house. The elevator lift descends to the ground floor and the door opens to receive his wheelchair.
• On the way to your cottage, you dial up the heating system and instruct it to turn up to 22 degrees Celsius. On your arrival, you enter a pleasantly warm cottage.
• Before you leave on vacation, you set the lights in the various rooms to go on and off at different times during the evening. This gives your house a lived-in look while you are away.
• Lights set at strategic points around the house, for on automatically whenever anyone approaches. The lights are a convenience to your visitors and a deterrent to undesirables. Cameras around house pick up movement and send images to TV screens in the house, alerting the occupants to trespassers.
• Home Automation reduces your energy bills and makes your home environmentally friendly Home Automation cuts energy consumption and costs. Lights automatically shut off when a room is vacated. Temperature controls automatically cut air conditioning or heating to empty rooms. Shades automatically adjust to let in more sun during the winter and less in the summer, cutting air conditioning or heating requirements.


Custom Home Electrical

From start to finish REC Electrical Construction is the company you need to brind your custom dream home into fruition. We install custom Cove Lighting for coffered ceilings, Custom Pot Lights, provide Meter Service, Custom Cabinet Lighting / Built-in Lighting, Radiant Floor Heating, Custom Trims for Pot Lights, Meter Upgrades, and much more. Call or email us to find out what you can do in your Dream Home!


New Electrical Construction

For all of your electrical needs in the entire Greater Toronto Area, you can count on the expert service and professional electricians from REC Electrical Construction. With many years of experience, and already trusted in thousands of local homes and businesses, you can be sure of a level of friendly service which can’t be beat.

All of our work is unconditionally guaranteed and completed to Canadian Saftey Standards with care and diligence. We only produce work of the highest professional electrical standard. We offer 24 Hour / 7 Day a week Emergency Service.


Knob and Tube Wiring

Knob and tube wiring is usually found in homes built about 50 years ago that have not had the wiring updated. Knob and tube wiring gets its name from the insulator knobs used to keep the wires isolated from objects and the ceramic tubes used to line holes through wooden floor joists. You may find it with older 60 amp services.

Although the actual wire used may be no different from that used today for the most part, it consists of only a hot (black) and neutral (white) wire with no ground wire. Both wires must run separately to fixtures as opposed to those used now which are contained within one plastic sheathing.

Knob and tube wiring can be safe and functional. Hire a qualified electrician to inspect the wiring to determine its safety.


Electrical Panel

A breaker panel, also known as a load centre, service panel, breaker box or electrical panel, is a steel box that holds multiple circuit breakers wired to circuits that distribute power throughout your home. Circuit breakers turn the power to your home on and off to protect wiring from damage by “tripping” when an electrical short or over-current occurs. You may consider replacing your electrical panel or adding a sub-panel if a need for additional circuit breakers exceeds the capacity of your current breaker panel or if you want to upgrade from fuses to circuit breakers. It’s important to note that a new breaker panel will not provide more power to your home. Electricity comes into your home through wires that connect to your breaker panel.

Understanding the components in a panel can help you make an informed decision when making your selection. A typical breaker panel consists of these primary components:

The Main Breaker is a large double pole circuit breaker that limits the amount of electricity coming in from outside to protect the circuits it feeds. It also identifies your breaker panel’s amperage capacity.
Circuit Breakers are stacked in the panel and have an ON/OFF switch that controls the flow of power.
Bus Bars receive power from the two thick black wires that bring power in from the electrical meter. The bus bars in turn carry power through the circuit breakers to the circuits. • Neutral Bus Bars connect to the main circuit’s neutral wire. The neutral bar provides the contact point for the white wires that return electricity back to the breaker panel after flowing through the black wires to power a device. Depending on local codes and configurations, Your home’s main grounding wire also connects to the neutral bar.
Grounding Bus Bars unite all the grounding wires from the breaker panel’s various circuits and connect them to the ground bar. It is also connected to a grounding conductor that leads underground, the metal enclosure and, if it’s the main service panel, to the neutral bar; the ground bar is not connected to the neutral bar at sub-panels.


Property Maintenance

Make REC Electrical Construction your Property Manager! We include services such as Reclaming, Street Lighting, Building and Home Maintenance, Changing Fixtures and Bulbs. For any inquires on what we can do for you please call us at 905-454-1363.


• Ceiling Fan Installation / Maintenance
• Breakers and Fuses
• Code Corrections
• Outlets and Circuits
• Track and Accent Lighting
• Service Panel Upgrades
• High-Tech Troubleshooting
• Dedicated Computer Circuits
• Telephone and Data Lines
• Lighting Design and Maintenance
• Security and Landscape Lighting
• Surge Protectors
• Motors
• Exhaust Fans
• Electric Water Heaters
• Transformers
• Smoke Detectors
• Ground Fault Interrupt Circuits
• Appliance Circuits
• Hot Tubs and Spa Wiring
• Standby Generator Installations
• Pot Lights
• Scones Lighting - Indoor and Outdoor



Commercial Electrical ServicesIndustrial Electrical ServicesInstitutional Electrical Services

• Expansion and Renovations
• Design and Planning
• Enery Efficient Interior and Exterior
• Intermittent Problem Troubleshooting
• UPS and Backup Power Solutions
• Exit and Emergency Lighting
• Data and Communication Wiring
• Energy Efficient Retrofits
• Equipment Installations
• Planned Maintenance
• Surge Protection
• Service Panel Upgrade
• Additional Circuits and Equipment Hoodk-Ups

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